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stump grinding in a hard to reach area

Tight Grind

Stump grinding can be done almost anywhere!!!



Stump grinding

Very large Stump

Removing a very large stump

After the stump was removed and cleaned up

Stump grinding is the easiest way to remove those unsightly stumps from your yard (or your deck). The stump will be ground down to 6"-12" below grade, this will allow over seeding of new grass or sodding of the area and even

re-planting a new tree. The cost for stump grinding is approx. $10/inch measured across the diameter of the stump.  The best way to get a quote is to give me a call or fill out the contact form below and I will come to see your stump.  I have tried to quote by dimensions given by homeowners or pictures, This has not worked out very well in the past.  I would rather spend the time and see the stump(s) and meet you.  At that time we can talk about price, payment and clean up options.

Stump removal proper measuring

How to measure your stump for an accurate self-estimate.

Take the measurement from root ground entrance to root ground entrance across the diameter of the stump.

Please Note: This is the maximum price the stump will cost!

This is why it is best to get a quote in person, I will assess the condition of the stump, as well as the size, and most importantly, the customers attitude!! 

To request a quote or further inquiries please call Dan Miller at 519-577-5935 or use the contact me form at the bottom of the page.

Large stump

Based on the measurements this stump should have cost $900.

upon seeing the stump, it was noticeably starting to rot, therefore the price was half that amount.

This is why I recommend an in person quote.

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